Your procedure day is here. You have been taking your supplements for one month in preparation for today, but now what? What exactly is the process of stem cell therapy? 

Don't worry, we can break it down for you. 

You will be welcomed by our warm and friendly staff. They will notify your patient care coordinator of your arrival. From here, your patient care coordinator will make sure you have no last minute questions or concerns. They will also resolve your account prior to your procedure. 

We perform a simple blood draw then spin the blood in our state of the art centrifuge to isolate your PRP (platelet rich plasma). 

We extract a small amount of body fat via liposuction. You body fat is stem cell rich adipose. 

The adipose is spun in our centrifuge to concentrate the stem cells. 

The PRP (from your blood draw) is added to the adipose (stem cells from your body fat) to activate the stem cells before injection. 

Once the PRP and adipose are mixed together, Dr. Tellis injections the mixture into the joint. We use x-ray to determine the exact location of the injection to maximize results. 


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